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Linux Solutions

The open source model has transformed many aspects of enterprise computing by providing higher quality, better security, shorter project cycles and lower prices than many proprietary platform development models. Securelinx has been at the forefront of this deployment initiative in Ireland since 2002.


Securelinx provides customers with unrivalled experience in delivering highly secure Linux builds and software images optimised for specific workloads. Complex platform solutions required for distributed IT environments are specified, built, documented and delivered at low cost. While auto-installation features allow image builds to be rolled out across multiple platform nodes and office locations – facilitating management and lowering IT overheads.


Our Linux engineers are amongst the most highly skilled and experienced in Ireland with full technical accreditations backing up field assignments in areas of individual interest and specialization. Their expertise cover a range of Linux platforms and ensures that all work is properly specified from the outset and that it integrates seamlessly with existing IT landscapes and customer requirements. Linux has a well-earned reputation for delivering enhanced IT services at lower cost and TCO – key considerations in todays more challenging economic environment.


Linux platforms are deployed to fulfill specific enterprise solutions – database servers, email servers, web solutions, file and print etc. Securelinx integrates and reviews these implementations, highlighting performance bottlenecks and tuning operating systems for specific applications and throughput optimization.


Securelinx CISSP qualified engineers conduct security audits and highlight potential security vulnerabilities to ensure compliance with security standards adopted by organisation.